Saturday, September 26, 2015

Super Blood Moon

In a few hours at 0:17 UTC on September the 28th 2015 you can observe the rare event of a super blood moon in many parts of the word. A super blood moon is a combination of a total lunar eclipse (which always goes together with a full moon) and a super moon event where the moon appears bigger because it is almost at its nearest distance to the earth.

If you don't want to miss these events in the future I have 3 apps for you:

1. Moon Phases (for the full moon)

2. Lunar Eclipse

3. Super Moon

For iOS you can get them all together in one pack (with 2 more apps):

Monday, July 20, 2015

Sun Compass - New watch app for Apple Watch and Android Wear

Use the old boy scout method and turn your phone, tablet or smart watch into a sun compass. Just point the sun symbol to the sun and the compass rose points north. You can add a target angle to easily follow the direction you want.

Available for:

  • Drag the compass to turn it freely
  • Touch the compass to make it jump to the 4 major directions
  • Use a two finger drag to turn the target
  • Share the sun compass image with your friends
  • See whether its day or night
  • The compass is not affected by magnetic anomalies

The Apple Watch App

By running Sun Compass on your Apple Watch you have the compass always on hand without taking out your phone. You can choose the direction of the compass rose by tapping. For a quick direction you can use the glance view.

The Wear App

By running Sun Compass on your Android Wear watch you have the compass always on hand without taking out your phone. You can choose the direction of the compass rose by tapping.
By setting Sun Compass as your watchface you have the compass always on hand when you activate your watch (without loosing the ability to read the time). Just flick your wrist.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Solved: Android Wear functionality not visible

Trying to publish my next Android Wear app Sun Compass I got the famous:
  • Your app does not have Android Wear functionality that’s visible to the user
feedback from the Play Store review team.

I checked all the usual suspects like:
  • Include all the permissions declared in the manifest file of the wearable app in the manifest file of the mobile app.
  • Ensure that both the wearable and mobile APKs have the same package name and version number. 
But the app still was rejected with the same error message.

Finally I found the reason. I used two different version of the Google Play Store library in the mobile and the wear part of the app. Setting them both to the same (latest) version solved the problem.

Why? I can only guess that different library versions require different permissions. This way my mobile app didn't include all permissions of the wear app and failed to install on the device (without any error message).


Make sure you use the exact same version of the Google Play Store library in both the mobile and the wear app. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

My first Apple Watch App - Sun Alarm

See todays and the upcoming sunrise and sunset times for your current location on your Apple Watch:

In the glance view you have a quick access to todays times:

Compass Watch - My first app for Android Wear

Have a compass as your watch face on your Android Wear device. This allows a quick glance at the right direction by activating your watch while biking, hiking or any other indoor and outdoor activities.

The Watchface:
By setting Compass Watch as your watchface you have the compass always in view when you activate your watch without loosing the ability to read the time. When the watch is not active the compass stops and just shows the time and the last compass heading (in ambient mode).

The Wear App:
The Compass Watch app can run as a standalone compass app. In this mode the compass isn't obstructed by the time.

Sun Alarm - New App for iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch

Don't miss a sunrise or sunset again. Whether you want to live with the sun, do nice photos or just want to know when it's getting dark.
This app calculates the sunrise and sunset times for your current location and let you set up a notification for each event.

  • Set alarms for sunset and -rise independently
  • Fires the notification before, after or at the exact time
  • Counts down to the next sun events
  • Tap the time to toggle between 12 and 24 hours display
  • Updates while you move to the sunrise/set times of your current location
  • Supports the Apple Watch:

Friday, October 10, 2014

Waiting for next surprises

Apple is famous for their secretiveness about new devices. On October the 16th we expect the next bunch to be revealed. Marketing-wise this might be perfect but for us independent developers it isn't. Only then we will know how to support them in our software.
The rumors indicate there will be a new iPad, probably with a 3x retina display like the one in the iPhone 6 Plus. But we have to wait until the public event to learn how to make our apps support the new devices.

This unfortunate situation doesn't only lead to unnecessary long times until existing application will exploit the new hardware in its full glory. Its seems to hurt the quality of Apples own software as well.

App Updates for the new iPhone 6 and 6+

iphone 5 display screenshot iphone 6 display screenshot iphone 6+ display screenshot
iPhone 5s iPhone 6 iPhone 6+

The new iPhones are out with larger retina displays. Although all of my apps work out of the box a few have already been enhanced to use the new screen sizes in native resolution and with the correct pixel sizes:
  1. Length
  2. Ruler

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Let it Snow - New free App for iPhone and iPad

Let it snow wherever you want. Just select one of your photos and shake the device like a snow globe. It starts snowing.

  • select photos from you photo albums
  • share the snowy picture
  • it's free!
  • remove the ads with an in-app purchase