Saturday, May 10, 2008

Login to your SpeedyMarks

As a SpeedyMarks user you might have noticed the new Login link on the upper right hand corner:


An often requested feature of several users has been the server storage of the visual bookmarks. Yes, I heard you and I'm excited to let you know it's done now. Just login using your (existing or to be created) Google Account and all your SpeedyMarks are stored on the server (on the Google server farm to be precise). This makes it possible to access your SpeedyMarks from everywhere even with multiple browsers. And the best, it does work for the iPhone SpeedyMarks as well, which are separate from the desktop bookmarks:


Don't worry, SpeedyMarks doesn't ever see your Google Account password, rest assured. If you logout you are back to the local cookie based SpeedyMarks specific to each desktop and browser (and you have the option to clean your server storage before you leave).

Now you have the choice to either use the server and share your SpeedyMarks or keep them completely local and private.

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