Friday, December 14, 2007

How To: Turn your iPhone into a Digital Photo Frame

Just before Christmas it's almost impossible to oversee the digital photo frames in the shops. They work like standard photo frames but allow you show slideshows of your pictures and just one.

But did you know, if you own an Apple iPhone (or iPod Touch) you already have a device which you can turn into a photo frame while you are at home? The iPhone comes with a clear, bright and not to small display which makes it perfect to display your photos. There is only one change you will have to do:

  • Just go to Settings, the General and and change the Auto-Lock setting to Never

That's it. It keeps the background light on all the time and doesn't put the phone to sleep. Now you can go to the Photos application and start a slideshow of your photos and there you have the digital photo frame. Of course you will want to put the iPhone into the dock or at least connect the cable to not use your battery.

The nice thing about using the iPhone as a photo frame is the built in internet connection. Means you are not restricted to your own photos on the phone but you can load and display content from the internet. Here are some ideas:

Of course you aren't restricted to photos at all:

  • Display the latest news by running an RSS reader.

  • Don't miss new mails coming in.

  • See world clocks from WorldClockr or countdowns from CountDownr.

This way your iPhone becomes a much better (but of course more expensive) digital photo frames than most devices you can buy today.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

New iPhone Project: Charts

Create and manage charts of everything. E.g. monitor and track your weight, your expenses, your mileage, temperatures or whatever your want.

You can choose between line, bar and pie charts. The charts are created by the new chart service from Google.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

GMaps Wall Calendar

Do you look for a personal and unique gift for your friends or beloved ones on Christmas or birthdays? What about a wall calendars made out of Google Maps?

My new web site GMaps Wall Calendar makes it easy to create the calendar sheets. You only have pan and zoom to the map location you want to have on the sheet. Choose the month and year and whether your week should start with a Sunday or Monday. Optionally add a title, caption, a calendar footer and then open a new browser window with your calendar ready for printing. It can't be easier!