Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blue Moon - New App for iPhone, iPad, Android and the mobile web

Countdown to the next blue moon and black moon events.

Blue Moon:
The second full moon event in the same month.

Black Moon:
The second full new event in the same month.

  • show only blue, only black moon or both events
  • add events to your calendar
  • share event dates via e-mail, Twitter or Facebook


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Heaptop - Stay on top of your info heap


Stay on top of the heap and have all relevant information for the moment in one view. Customize your ≡Heaptop info board by adding different widgets for time, calendar, location and much more.

  • fully customizable info board: add and remove widgets, drag and drop for reorder
  • widgets for time, location, calendar (local and Google Calendar), distance, weather,checklists, sunrise, webcam images...
  • widgets are customizable too

The App:

Available for free for iPhone and iPad: