Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chess Clock - New app for iPhone, iPad, Android, WP7 and BlackBerry PlayBook

A chess clock consists of two connected clocks which can't run at the same time. Use it as a game clock to measure the time used by two players for their moves e.g. in game of chess. Stopping one clock will start the other one. The purpose is to keep track of the total time each player takes for his or her own moves, and ensure that neither player overly delays the game.

  • choose the same time for both players or individually
  • count the time down or up
  • pause the clock for both players
  • runs in the background while the app is closed

Pay Timer - New app for iPhone, iPad, Android, WP7 and BlackBerry PlayBook

Measure the time you work and calculate your earnings. The timer keeps running even when you close the application. So there is no need to keep it open all the time.

You can save a history of calculations locally on your phone and email them to yourself for backup and further processing.

Boiling - New app for iPhone, iPad, Android, WP7 and BlackBerry PlayBook

Calculate the boiling temperature of water and the air pressure for your current elevation on earth or any other altitude.

  • Get your current altitude from ASTER (NASA)
  • Use the GeoNames database to search for the altitude of any location
  • Change the altitude manually
  • switch between metric and imperial units

Egg Race - New app for iPhone, iPad, Android, WP7 and BlackBerry PlayBook

Remember the old egg spoon races on kids birthday parties? Now you don't need an egg and spoon anymore. Just run it from your device and your kids are ready to go. Even better there won't be any dirt from dropped eggs on the floor.

You can choose between a classic and modern game. While the classic game simulates the egg on the spoon (more or less) the goal of the modern game is to stay below a certain maximum acceleration.

For the classic game you can choose whether you have to hold the device level (gravity) and/or calm (acceleration) in order to keep the egg on the 'spoon'.
For both game types the difficulty level can be chosen as well which adapts the sensitivity to the applied forces.

HP TouchPad Apps

I started to port some of my iPad apps to the HP TouchPad. Here is what is available so far but more will be rolling in very soon. Stay tuned!


Web Monitor

Moon Phases



Weight Chart

Friday, August 5, 2011

Cool trick to organize your iOS Home screen icons

I find it always a real pain to arrange all the app icons on the different home screens of my iPhone or iPad. In particular it isn't very easy to move apps to a different page especially if they have to be moved to a far away screen. To make matters worse on their way to their final destination the icon order of in between pages is affected as well.

But here is a cool little trick which makes the icon move a lot easier. The basic idea is to use a temporary folder which is placed on the quick bar at the bottom:

Step 1 - Create a temporary folder (or take an existing one) put it on the quick bar

Step 2 - Put it on the quick bar and move to the page with the app you want to move

Step 3 - Move the icon into the temp folder

Step 4 - Go to the page where you want to place the app

Step 5 - Open the temp folder

Step 6 - Move the icon from the tempo folder on to its spot on the page

Last Step - Press home and you are done or go back to step 2 to move another app

Of course there is no need to move the apps one by one this way. For mass editing you can collect all apps from different pages before you drop them off on their new home.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Acceleration - New App for iPhone, iPad, Android, WP7 and BlackBerry PlayBook

Take your device to a ride and check the acceleration e.g. in your car, an elevator, on a roller coaster or during take off and landing. The acceleration is measured in gravitional units (9.81m/s2).

  • pause, resume and clear the charting

  • switch between chart and orb

Thursday, May 19, 2011

BlackBerry PlayBook Apps

I started to port my iPad apps to the BlackBerry PlayBook. The first two (Thesaurus and Quick Chart) have been available at launch of the tablet device but more will be rolling in very soon. Stay tuned!

All my PlayBook apps in the BlackBerry App World

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Translator in Apple[FR] App Store Ad

Due to its high rank on the list of top free apps on the french Apple App Store my Language Translator app appears for the glimpse of a second in one of Apples new iPhone TV spots for France (here is the original):

(just stop at 8s and have a look at the bottom of the list)

Many thanks to Pierre Granoux for the translation of the App store description into french.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Speed - New app for iPhone and iPad

This application turns your device into a speedometer and accelerometer. By assigning background colors to speed ranges you can see from the corner of the eye how fast you e.g. to avoid speeding.

  • The acceleration is color coded with a red background as well

  • Tap the small speed to toggle between mph and km/h

  • Tap the accelerator to make it larger