Tuesday, December 24, 2013

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Don't miss Santa on christmas eve.

Merry Christmas

Kennzeichen A-CH - New App for iPhone, iPad and Android

Austrian and Swiss car license plates

Kennzeichen A-CH:
Don't travel to Austria or Switzerland without this database of the license plate signs of both countries. The letter code denotes the different regions and cantons. You can search for the code, the region, the cantons and filter by countries.
The application helps you to collect all different codes. This is a famous game for kids during boring long car trips. The icon badge shows the number of marked codes.
There is a quick link from the region and the canton to Wikipedia to read more. Furthermore you can choose between a light modern design and a dark traditional design.
This application is in German, but can be used by anybody who travels through Austria and Switzerland or is curious about their license plates.