Friday, February 29, 2008

New iPhone App: Feed Reader

This is just another RSS news feed reader especially optimized to read full text feeds like an eBook. It has an autoscroll feature to make reading long text as easy as possible without the need to scroll manually. You can jump quickly between the different articles.

In order to add feeds quickly it has built in feed search. Just type in the search keywords (e.g. news, sports, lifestyle, finance, games, ...) or the URL of a feed or the URL of the web site it is published.

You selection of feeds is stored locally in a cookie. There is no need to login or register.

New iPhone App: Games Counter

A simple game counter. Track the score of different games easily without doing marks on paper. Perfect for sports, board-games, birthday parties and so on.

New iPhone App: Basketball

This is the iPhone version of my basketball game optimized for the iPhone touch screen.

New RSS Feed: iPhone Apps

Now you can subscribe to a new RSS feed to stay in touch with new releases and updates to my several iPhone applications.

Point your feed reader to:

You can read it with my iPhone Apps application directly on your iPhone or with the Dashboard widget on Widgetop.

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New iPhone App: Start Me Up

Quick access to all my iPhone applications just from one page modeled after the iPhone home screen.

New iPhone App: iPhone Apps

Get the latest iPhone and iPod Touch applications from Apples directory, AppSafari and iPhoneApplicationList. See them all or filter by category.

New iPhone App: Currencies

Monitor the exchange rates for all major currencies. Choose which one you want to see and which amount you want to change.

New iPhone App: Calories

It's time to think about your weight. If you plan to make a diet or just want to stay in shape this application is for you. Track your daily calories. Set your limit and see whether you can stay below.

New iPhone App: VAT Calculator

This application helps to quickly calculate the sales tax or VAT you have to pay while you shop. You can select from a predefined list of US and European states or define your own percentage.

New iPhone App: Amazon Search

Don't miss out on better online deals anymore while you shop in your local store. This application makes it easy to search from your iPhone for product prices and availability.