Monday, February 20, 2012

Contact Find - Address book access

You may have heard about the iPhone address book access disaster.

Just to make sure: My Contact Find needs to read all of your address book data in order to search it. But it never ever sends that data anywhere. The contacts data stays inside the app and can't be read by anybody else (thanks to the iPhone sandbox environment).

Contact Find

My Birthday - New app for iPhone

Look forward to your (or anybody else) next birthday and find out how many days you have to wait.

More Features:
  • load the background image from your photo album

Photo Loupe - New app for iPhone, iPad and the Web

Enlarge your photos with this virtual magnifying glass. Tap and move your finger over the photo to quickly check every detail.

  • open photos from any album
  • have floating loupe or dock it to the corner
  • change the size of the loupe with a two finger pinch

Icon based on photo by Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel